"A new book to dig into

— and a fresh look at Boston’s oldest buildings"

— James Sullivan, The Boston Globe

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Hadassah Lieberman ...

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speaks on the nature of faith, the importance of personal history,

— Henry A. Kissinger

and the individual commitment that democracy requires.

“A profoundly human treatment of O’Keeffe

and all the people who figured prominently in her life.”

—Los Angeles Times

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Don Isaac Abravanel

An Intellectual Biography

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No native tree shall go unidentified!

—New York Flora Association Blog

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New Releases


Brandeis University Press to exclusively manage the University Press of New England

Brandeis University has acquired and is now the sole owner of all titles and copyrights of the University Press of New England, under a deal finalized on Jan. 1 with Dartmouth College. Going forward, Brandeis University Press will oversee the UPNE list, excluding Dartmouth College Press titles.

“Brandeis University Press is pleased to begin representing these titles and working with their authors going forward. The titles we acquired will dovetail well with BUP’s current titles and our expertise. I am grateful to Dartmouth College for their excellent past stewardship and for working so cooperatively with us as we worked on this acquisition. UPNE has a wonderful deep backlist and we are thankful to the UPNE leadership, editors, and staff who created this excellent list of books. We hope to keep many of these titles in print and look forward to actively promoting and reissuing them,” —Sue Ramin, Director

Publishers of Critically Acclaimed, Award-Winning Books

Brandeis University Press publishes peer-reviewed, critically acclaimed, award-winning books for scholars, students and engaged readers.

Our books cover diverse subjects and perspectives relating to art, politics, culture, history, gender, religion, philosophy, language and literature. Our goal is to illuminate subjects of all stripes with intelligence, curiosity and care.

Publishers Weekly highlights Brandeis University Press

Faced with the closing of the University Press of New England in 2018, Brandeis University has opted to reboot the university press as a standalone operation. The small, private university west of Boston was an original member of UPNE and one of two presses still participating in the consortium when it closed. After conversations among the university leadership, Sue Berger Ramin was hired to envision a new iteration of Brandeis University Press.

“Brandeis University Press, through its publishing program, is an important part of our institutional mission”.