Ronald B. Davis

Dr. Davis began his research with ecological studies of northern New England salt marshes and coastal spruce-fir forests. He has since extended his studies to the lakes, alpine tundra, and peatlands of the region. This work includes both modern ecology and paleoecology (pollen, plant macrofossils, diatoms, geochemistry). In recent years his work in the region has focused on two subjects: (1)The ecology of Maine’s bogs and fens, including plant population responses to geographic, climatic, hydrologic, and chemical variables; (2) Paleolimnology, concentrating on human impacts on lakes over the most recent 500 years. In addition, he is carrying out a project in Dominica, West Indies, on landscape and rain forest responses to hurricanes and other perturbations over the most recent 1200 years.

The word is spreading among outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers that bogs and fens (peatlands) are among the most fascinating and beautiful places to...