Theresa Kelley

Theresa M. Kelley writes about and teaches romanticism, aesthetics, visual culture, the philosophy and history of natural science, and contemporary narrative. She understands these inquiries as they thread through literary forms and rhetoric in the literature of modernity. The inquiries that she follows consider: forms of life and knowledge in modernity; autonomy and mastery as disciplinary and human inquiries; and relations between materiality, practice, and theory in scientific writing. She has written widely on these questions in articles and books, including Clandestine Marriage; Botany and Romantic Culture(forthcoming, Johns Hopkins, 2012), Reinventing Allegory (Cambridge, 1997), and Wordsworth’s Revisionary Aesthetics (Cambridge, 1988). She is at present working on the relation between materiality and its representation in word and image in romantic era scientific practice and theory; and a book on romantic futurity in post-Terror narratives and contemporary writing.