Resources for Prospective Authors

This page contains guidelines to prepare and submit your book proposal. We are interested primarily in works of non-fiction and we do not publish dissertations. Please submit proposals to

If your proposal was already accepted, please review the resources for current authors page.

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Proposal Preparation

Welcome to Brandeis University Press! We very much look forward to reading  your book proposal. Please make sure to submit everything listed. Once submitted our team will review it carefully and you we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you don’t hear from us within a week, please email us again to make sure we received your submission.

Proposals need to include the following:


  1. Title and Subtitle
    These will be subject to change.
  2. Brief Description
    Summarize the content of the book in two paragraphs. Think of this as an elevator-pitch for the book. It should aim to explain briefly the breath of your book and its highlights and be targeted towards an educated but not specialist audience (if a trade book).
  3. Introduction to the book
    Include the current introduction of the book in its entirety. Ideally it should address the key questions or problems does the proposed book address, and how your book will contribute to the literature in your field. Do not send the entire manuscript unless specifically requested to do so.
  4. Annotated table of contents
    Provide a list of chapters with titles and a brief description for each one. Please let us know if any material submitted has been previously published.
  5. Complete Sample Chapter
    Please include one complete sample chapter  written out in its entirety.
  6. Author’s biography
    Provide a brief biography, including your current title and affiliation, your previously published books and articles, and any other relevant qualifications for writing this book.
  7. Readership
    Who is your targeted audience? And who will be interested in reading this book? Be as specific as you can and be realistic. Please keep in mind that rarely, if ever, a book falls into all three categories.
    • Is it a trade book for a specialist, general reader? And if so, on what basis?
    • Is it an academic book for scholars? If so, in which fields and subfields?
    • Is it framed as a book for course adoption? And if so, for what level and how will it be used?
  8. Publicity and Marketing Plan, and Comparable Books
    Please provide a detailed plan on how you plan to promote your book. It is crucial for the author/s and editor/s to work closely with the press to promote the book. Some examples include whether you intend to hire a publicist, where you might give book talks or signing events, and how you intend to bring forth a social media and mailing campaign. Please also include a list of a few books with which your book is comparable, including title, author, publisher, and year of publication. Also include a brief statement explaining what your book will do differently and how it may appeal to a similar audience. 
  9. Specifications and Format
    Specify the length of the manuscript in total words, including notes; the number of illustrations, figures, or tables, if any; and your estimated schedule for completing the manuscript. Please let us know if the book has been submitted to other presses and include any other information you would consider relevant to our consideration of the proposed book.
  10. Additional Materials
    Please attach your full CV or resumé, and also include your website and social media accounts.

Thank you very much for following these guidelines. We acknowledge that it requires a lot of time and commitment to write a book, submit a proposal, and find the right publisher. Following these guidelines will ensure that we can make an informed decision and we very much look forward to receiving your proposal.