Charles F. Barker has creatively filled a niche in the annals of New England geology. With great metaphors and abundant, clear and engaging illustrations, he brings 500 million years of geology home to the reader. While geared to upper elementary aged young people, adults, even professional geologists, will find this book interesting. Dr. Barker takes us from moving tectonic plates to glaciers, ground water, sea levels, and even the geologic underpinning of the “Big Dig,” and he weaves his story with poetry quotes, a bit of Latin, and some very effective analogies. Teachers of all ages will love this book for themselves and their students. This is an impressive work. It covers a vast amount of geologic time and events clearly and creatively. I loved the engaging artwork and analogies, as well as the quotations from Frost, Dickinson, Thoreau and others. Kudos to Dr. Barker!