Jeremy Spiegel, one of our former students at Dartmouth Medical School, was always full of wisdom, depth, and perspective, and everyone who interacted with him always seemed to learn something. His new text does more of the same as it shines a useful and practical light on a great truth—it’s important to stay true to yourself and the values that brought you to medicine during the difficult socialization process that is medical school. Dr. Ron Epstein from the University of Rochester School of Medicine has written that “mindfulness” is a very useful and very high level state to achieve in medicine, a state that is even above practicing “evidence based medicine” which has become so much our mantra for medicine today. Jeremy gives practical strategies to become and stay mindful, to hang on to and honor your “true self” despite forces that hinder this and to both preserve your own humanity and share it with others as you mature into physicianhood. Having been a student affairs dean for years, I’ve never seen anything written like this book which possesses Jeremy’s unique perspectives and is informed by his deep understanding of the psyche. It is well worth reading and taking its lessons to heart for anyone on the journey to becoming a doctor.