Pastry expert and baking instructor Shoyer proves that readers don’t need to deprive themselves of sweets just to keep kosher in this outstanding collection for all seasons and faiths. Bakers with access to parve (kosher) versions of cream, cream cheese and other key ingredients (tips and name brands are provided) will find a litany of recipes for the Passover seder and other special occasions. Yes, there are babkas, rugelach, hamentaschen, and challah, but there is also a rich chocolate mousse truffle cake, easy and impressive cinnamon palmiers, classic French macarons, a pistachio and raspberry tart and the ingenious scones au chocolate, virtually all of which are within the reach of most bakers and budgets. Grouped by effort, from quick desserts requiring only one bowl (amaretto cookies, for instance) to more advanced dishes like coconut cake with lime filling, Shoyer gives bakers plenty of options for all tastes with copious instructions and photos throughout. Simple but crucial tips like keeping a few sticks of margarine in the freezer so it’ll behave more like cold butter when it’s time to make pie or tart dough ensure dishes turn out the way they were intended, making this a can’t-miss collection of classics.