The Gropmans allow us to revel in a cuisine that has been unjustly maligned for too long. The German-Jewish Cookbook provides both the cook and the interested reader with much to enjoy both for gustatory pleasure and for the historical and familial context in which these foods reside. … This reader is eager to test out many of the recipes and also to seek out the more esoteric ingredients that have for all intents and purposes vanished from the regular retail sources to which we normally turn for our foodstuffs. … One of the best things about this cookbook is that you don’t even need to be interested in cooking to find it fascinating. There is so much history and culture woven into the text, that it almost feels like a trip to another country. The recipes in the book are not all kosher but the authors make clear which ones are not and it is easy to adjust them to make them kosher if one desires. The book includes two indexes, a list of resources for foods, a bibliography and a list of acknowledgements. This book is highly recommended.