With help from Pell’s family, access to records and collections, and the input of friends and colleagues, Miller (The Xeno Chronicles) presents a multi-faceted account of Rhode Island’s six-term, Democratic Senator, Claiborne Pell (1918-2009), touching on his political career, family life, and varied interests. Best known for the Pell Grants that enable students to afford a college education, Pell made significant contributions to a wide range of issues, including: peace, the environment, and laws against drunk driving. Although independently wealthy, he lived frugally. He also maintained an interest in the paranormal which his political opponents tried to use against him. Despite coming under attack for his wealth as well as his politics, he refused to campaign negatively and won a broad base of support by creating political alliances. His refusal to engage in polemics and his belief that half a loaf was better than none increased his effectiveness as a politician.