HBI Series on Jewish Women

The HBI Series on Jewish Women, created by the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, publishes a wide range of books by and about Jewish women in diverse contexts and time periods. Of interest to scholars and the educated public, the HBI Series on Jewish Women fills major gaps in Jewish Studies and in Women and Gender Studies as well as their intersection. The HBI Series on Jewish Women is supported by a generous gift from Dr. Laura S. Schor.

The Weavers of Trautenau

Janine P. Holc

Sculpting a Life

Paula J. Birnbaum

Frankly Feminist

Edited by Susan Weidman Schneider and Yona Zeldis McDonough


Edited by Tamar Biala

Bringing Down the Temple House

Marjorie Lehman

Expanding the Palace of Torah

Tamar Ross


Hadassah Lieberman

A Jewish Woman of Distinction

ChaeRan Y. Freeze


Annotated by and with an Introduction by Chava Turniansky

The Soul of the Stranger

Joy Ladin

Jewish Families in Europe, 1939–Present

Edited by Joanna Beata Michlic

A Season of Singing

Sarah M. Ross