Brandeis Modern Hebrew, Intermediate to Advanced

Pilot Edition

Vardit Ringvald, Bonit Porath, Yaron Peleg, and Esther Shorr

Written by the core faculty of the Hebrew program at Brandeis University, the pilot edition of Brandeis Modern Hebrew, Intermediate to Advanced serves as a sequel to the well-known volume for beginners. It contains the functional and contextual elements to bring users’ Hebrew language proficiency to the intermediate level and introduce students to skills they need to become advanced in their use of the language. This volume reflects key principles of the Brandeis University Hebrew curriculum. These include: • Placing emphasis on the learner’s ability to use Hebrew in four skill areas: listening, reading, speaking, and writing • Contextualizing each unit within a specific subject or theme • Exposing the student to authentic materials and exploring aspects of Israeli and Jewish culture through language drills and reading passages

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ISBN-13: 9781684580583
Date Published: August 5, 2013

Brandeis Modern Hebrew is a pleasure to teach with.

Ellen C. Rothfeld
Michigan State University


  • By the time you finish working through Brandeis Modern Hebrew, Intermediate to Advanced, you should be able to write essays and letters using complex sentences, engage in coherent conversations, and able to understand most of what is said to you, as well as whatever you read, albeit you will still need to refer to a dictionary or grammar text on occasion.

    Jewish Eye
  • Brandeis Modern Hebrew is a good textbook, containing valuable material. Students are given suitable directions for completing tasks. The book is effective in reaching its goals in terms of subject matter, functions, and grammatical complexity.

    Hebrew Higher Education
  • Brandeis Modern Hebrew maximizes the students’ ability to advance quickly and to become proficient in all four language skills. It provides a strong grammatical foundation and creatively contextualizes the Hebrew language in Jewish and Israeli culture and literary traditions. It is bound to become the standard textbook for Hebrew language study on American college and university campuses.

    Esther Robbins
    Princeton University
  • Brandeis Modern Hebrew offers a fresh perspective on learning Hebrew in a university setting. The exercises promote speaking and the vocabulary is useful in real-life situations. This is the first Hebrew textbook that enables the teacher to integrate fully the communicative approach in the classroom. Following ACTFL guidelines, Brandeis Modern Hebrew meets Stanford University’s first year language standards.

    Vered Shemtov
    Stanford University
  • Brandeis Modern Hebrew is a pleasure to teach with. This innovative program incorporates the study of Modern Hebrew with Israeli culture and history. The graphics add to student interest and understanding. I am very satisfied with the progress my students are making with this textbook and its CD.

    Ellen C. Rothfeld
    Michigan State University

About the Author

Vardit Ringvald

Vardit Ringvald is director of the Institute for the Advancement of Hebrew and director of the School of Hebrew at Middlebury College.

Bonit Porath

Bonit Porath has been a Hebrew lecturer at Brandeis University since 1981.

Esther Shorr

Esther Shorr is Senior Lecturer in the Hebrew program at Brandeis University, where she has taught a variety of Hebrew courses specializing in beginning and intermediate levels. She also teaches at the Brandeis Hebrew Language Summer Institute and at the Middlebury School of Languages in Middlebury, Vermont.

Yaron Peleg

Yaron Peleg is an Assistant Professor of Hebrew at George Washington University and is the coordinator of the Hebrew Program there.

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