Good Naked

Reflections on How to Write More, Write Better, and Be Happier

Joni B. Cole

In Good Naked, acclaimed author Joni B. Cole shows readers how to make the writing process not only more productive, but less maddening, more inviting, and even joyful, at least a good part of the time. She explains how sharing early drafts is “good naked”—you’re exposing your creative process in all its glory. Through a mix of engaging stories and practical wisdom, all delivered with sheer good humor, Cole addresses the most common challenges writers confront and offers disarmingly simple but effective solutions. She debunks popular misconceptions about how we are supposed to write and replaces them with strategies that actually work to get us started and stay motivated. (Searching for your muse? Try looking in the fridge.) With a do-this-not-that directness, she sets writers free from debilitating attitudes, counterproductive practices, and energy-draining habits that undermine confidence and creativity. Equipped with experience and a refreshing respect for anyone who wants to write, Cole also infuses every chapter with insights into craft and narrative technique—because the truly happy ending is not just that we write more, but that we write well. If you have ever experienced a sense of dread or intimidation at any stage of the creative process, or even if you simply want to write more, write better, and be happier, this intelligent, funny, and generous guide will not only inspire you to head over to your desk, but will also cheer you on once you’re there.

Paper: $19.95 | E-book: $17.99
ISBN-13: 9781611689112
Pages: 208 | Size: 5.5 in. x 8.5 in.
Date Published: April 4, 2017


  • Who says books about writing have to be dull, dry, and pretentious? Author and creative writing instructor Joni B. Cole is here to put the fun back in fundamentals. In Good Naked, she is part teacher, part cheerleader, and part laugh-out-loud humorist. What’s not to love?

    The Writer
  • In Good Naked, author Cole shows readers how daring to share their "naked" writing-early drafts-can help them become aware of certain foibles and encourage them to continue. She disabuses common misconceptions of how one should think, act, and be as a writer, exchanging those myths for ideas that feed creativity and productivity. Essentially, one doesn’t have to suffer to be a genuine artist.

    Library Journal
  • An often self-deprecating and honest look at the pitfalls and pluses of being a writer in a world that is increasingly comprised of people focused on soundbites or social media. . . . Her casual and funny writing style keeps the book moving. . . . There aren’t a lot of writing books that feel like a conversation with a witty friend over a cup of espresso and a delicious homemade muffin at your favorite café, but this is one of them. . . . This book reinforces my belief that writing brings out the best self, the one that won’t look away from hard truth and necessary stories.

    Lisa Taylor
    Mom Egg Review
  • Author and instructor Joni B. Cole guides readers through the steps of actively attending to the joyful aspects of creativity, while steering clear of unproductive attitudes, habits, and perceptions. With engaging honesty and humor, Cole shares anecdotes, examples, and exercises designed to jumpstart the discovery of happiness and inspiration throughout the entire writing process

    Poets & Writers
  • ...Good Naked fits nicely into the category of self-help books that flog artists of all stripes into doing the creative work to which they feel called...Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art, Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, and [Elizabeth] Gilbert’s Big Magic share space on this shelf, and Good Naked is a worthy addition.

    The Hippo Press

About the Author

Joni B. Cole

Nominated for a US Fellowship Award and Pushcart Prize, Joni B. Cole has authored two books for writers, including Good Naked: Reflections on How to Write More, Write Better, and Be Happier (listed as one of the “Best Books for Writers” by Poets & Writers magazine). She is also the author of the acclaimed essay collection, Another Bad-Dog Book: Essays on Life, Love, and Neurotic Human Behavior, and creator of the three-volume This Day series that shares a day in the …

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