In Sight

Sabra Field

In Sight explores the enchanting creative process whereby the one hundred or so Field prints, crafted between 1990 and 2002, came into being. The exceptional new prints, all previously unpublished, are exquisitely reproduced, one per page, in a celebration of an artist at the height of her creative powers. A short commentary by the artist on her inspiration for the image faces each of her own works. Embedded in the text are fine color reproductions of the “collateral images” that set Field’s creative process on fire for each plate—works of art that moved and inspired Field, her preliminary sketches, historic photographs, scientific diagrams, even “old favorite” Field prints. Also included are excerpts from her personal journals along with an astonishing array of private readings. Sabra Field is that rare contemporary artist whose work is fêted by a broad and enthusiastic American audience as well as collectors and fine arts experts throughout the world. Field explains in her introduction that each artist’s style is profoundly affected by the particular time and place at which she or he “enters the stream of art history.” In today’s world an artist can access art from every era, in a remarkable array of media. Field has recognized astonishing correspondences between art and mathematics, science, photography, and technology. Through her highly skilled printmaking she strives to create a perfect visual image to clarify her, and hence our, experience of a chaotic and yet breathtakingly beautiful universe. In Sight invites readers to share in Field’s encyclopedic knowledge of art history, to accompany her on her world travels, to steal a look into her quiet reflections, to participate in her personal and societal joys and struggles, and, ultimately, to witness and admire the passionate connections among them all. A must for printmakers, students, collectors, and aficionados of art in every media.

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Cloth: $39.95
ISBN-13: 9781584652861
Pages: 204 | Size: 10 in. x 10 in.
Date Published: September 23, 2004


  • This rare book is a striking journey into the creative mind of Sabra Field and the subtle complexities of her work.


About the Author

From her Vermont studio, SABRA FIELD works on the bold and beautiful works that have firmly established her as the state’s most recognized artist of her generation and one of North America’s most accomplished modern printmakers. Sixty million copies of Field’s state bicentennial stamp circulated in the United States in 1991. Many of her earlier works may be seen in Tom Slayton’s tribute Sabra Field: The Art of Place (UPNE, 2002). MADELEINE KUNIN was the first woman governor of Vermont, serving from 1984 until 1992. She commissioned Field to create her first holiday card as Governor of Vermont and was responsible for Field’s commission to design the Vermont bicentennial stamp. Kunin also named Field an “Extraordinary Vermonter” in 1990.

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