New England’s Covered Bridges

A Complete Guide

Benjamin D. Evans and June R. Evans

During the nineteenth and the early part of the twentieth centuries, the erection of nearly one thousand covered bridges was recorded in New England’s archives. However, the ravages of time, storms, floods, neglect, and vandals have reduced the remaining historic, authentic covered bridges to fewer than two hundred. While the majority of these bridges are in the states of Vermont and New Hampshire, wonderful examples of covered bridges can be found in all six of the New England states. In the preparation for writing this book, the Evanses traveled 13,821 miles documenting and photographing more than 200 covered bridges. The introduction to the book familiarizes readers with covered bridges by discussing their history, twelve different kinds of truss designs, and current preservation and restoration efforts. The Evanses provide, for each of the 206 bridges in this book, the name of the bridge, its location, specific directions to the bridge, its year of construction, its truss design, and the name of the waterway it crosses. Additional information includes whether the bridge is in use, its number of spans, the names of its owner and builder, its length and width, its condition, number, national register data, and anecdotal material. A short glossary of covered-bridge terminology is also included.

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ISBN-13: 9781611683851
Pages: 368 | Size: 5.5 in. x 9 in.
Date Published: August 14, 2012


  • The Evanses provide a clear description of the various styles of covered-bridge design and construction, as well as details of each bridge.

    Boston Globe
  • In this new book we have one of the best covered bridge guidebooks we have ever seen. There is at least one color photograph (excellent) of every authentic covered bridge still standing In New England. The authors have taken great pains to give the known facts on each bridge such as building date and truss type, plus very clear directions to there bridges. You have to have this book if you are planning a bridging trip to New England. It is a great addition to any 'bridger's' library even if you are an armchair traveler.

    Bridges and Byways newsletter of Ohio Historic Bridge Association
  • New England's Covered Bridges: A Complete Guide . . . is complete. For a bridge enthusiast, it is as all-inclusive, information-speaking, as you can get.

    Hippo Press (Manchester
  • [A] comprehensive book.

    Burlington Free Press
  • Benjamin and June Evans’ New England's Covered Bridges is the first summation in a quarter century of the region's rich legacy of wooden bridges. Meticulously researched, carefully written, and beautifully illustrated, the book takes its place as the standard guide for a region that cherishes some of the oldest, newest, longest, and strongest of America’s covered bridges.

    James L. Garvin
    New Hampshire State Architectural Historian

About the Author

BENJAMIN D. EVANS and JUNE R. EVANS are the authors of Pennsylvania’s Covered Bridges: A Complete Guide (1993). Long-time covered-bridge aficionados, they are co-editors of Pennsylvania Crossings, the newsletter of The Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, Inc. They are also members of covered bridge societies in several other eastern states including the Vermont Covered Bridge Society and the National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges.

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