New Hampshire Women Farmers

Pioneers of the Local Food Movement

Helen Brody and Leslie Tuttle

New Hampshire ranks third nationally in the percentage of principal farm operators who are women, and these women are transforming what it means both to be a farmer and to run a successful farm. Through informative prose and striking photographs, Helen Brody and Leslie Tuttle show how women in the Granite State are revitalizing farming by creating value-added products and developing new and vital markets for their locally grown food. Such innovations keep farms profitable and relevant, even as they work to protect the open land we all value. Expanding their roles to include accountant, sales expert, and educator, the state’s women farmers occupy the forefront of national farm-to-community outreach, increasing public awareness of healthy foods and attracting travelers to New Hampshire’s bounty. New Hampshire Women Farmers makes an excellent gift for anyone interested in the new directions that will sustain family farms in the twenty-first century.

Paper: $19.95
ISBN-13: 9781611687842
Pages: 168 | Size: 9 in. x 7 in.
Date Published: September 8, 2015


  • If you’ve ever wondered what motivates farmers, how they manage to make a living through the long winters, and what is involved in running a farm besides growing plants and tending animals, you’ll enjoy New Hampshire Women Farmers.

    Union Leader
  • On the successful farms featured in the book, New Hampshire Women Farmers: Pioneers of the Local Food Movement, women are the face of the farm, innovators who come up with the value-added products and know how to sell them, and they are the conservators of the land.

    Valley News
  • Helen Brody and Leslie Tuttle have done a wonderful job exploring one of the most dramatic developments in Northeastern agriculture-the rise of women as energetic, successful principal farm owners and operators. Anyone concerned about strengthening our local economies and expanding availability of fresh, wholesome foods will be encouraged by this work.

    Steve Taylor
    farmer, writer, and former New Hampshire commissioner of agriculture

About the Author

Leslie Tuttle

Leslie Tuttle is a social documentary photographer who has worked for nongovernmental organizations in developing countries, including OxfamAmerica and Partners In Health, with a lifelong focus on women’s work.

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