New Wilderness Voices

Collected Essays from the Waterman Fund Contest

Edited by Christine Woodside

Guy and Laura Waterman spent a lifetime reflecting on and writing about the mountains of the Northeast. The Waterman Fund seeks to further their legacy of stewardship through an annual essay contest that celebrates and explores issues of wilderness, wildness, and humanity. Since 2008, the Waterman Fund has partnered with the journal Appalachia in seeking out new and emerging voices on these subjects, and in publishing the winning essay in the journal. Part of the contest’s mission is to find and support such emerging writers, and a number of them have gone on to publish other work in Appalachia or their own books. The contest has succeeded admirably in fulfilling its mission: new writers have brought fresh perspectives to these timeless issues of wilderness and wildness. In New Wilderness Voices these winning essays are collected for the first time, along with the best runners-up. Together, they make up an important and celebratory addition to the growing body of environmental literature, and shed new light on our wild spaces.

Paper: $17.95 | E-book: $14.99
ISBN-13: 9781512600841
Pages: 200 | Size: 5.5 in. x 8.5 in.
Date Published: July 4, 2017


  • It’s worth noting that thanks to the Waterman Fund, and to the University Press of New England . . .  the Upper Valley plays a central role for people who are trying to define and preserve wilderness. What wilderness is, who can say? But there’s no question that it’s worth looking for.

    Valley News
  • If you’re snowed in, rained in, or just in, New Wilderness Voices delivers two dozen calls of the wild. . . . Read this anthology and lace up your boots.

    Barbara Richardson
    editor of Dirt: A Love Story
  • As these writers contemplate wilderness they discover new, often unexpected connections to the natural world. . . . This anthology is all about deeper, more meaningful relationships with nature and the people with whom they experience it.

    Tom Wessels
    author of Granite, Fire, and Fog: The Natural and Cultural History of Acadia

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