When Freedom Speaks, your guide to the First Amendment

When freedom speaks

“Greenky’s easy-to-read primer offers general readers and students a telling history and framework for understanding the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodologies courts commonly use to negotiate clashing and competing constitutional values and individual rights to free speech.”

When Freedom Speaks: The Boundaries and the Boundlessness of our First Amendment Right chronicles the stories that narrate our First Amendment right to speak our minds. Greenky’s background gives her a unique perspective upon which to teach and write about the protection we have from laws that abridge our right to the freedom of speech. Rhetoricians focus on language and how it influences perception and moves people to action, this book values a rhetorical approach to teach the concepts as moral narratives that proscribe the boundaries of our constitutionally protected right. Using the characters and drama embedded in the cases that elucidate First Amendment principles, When Freedom Speaks makes the concepts easier to understand and applicable to our lives.  The aim of this book is to engage today’s increasingly politically active audience and introduce them to the theories, the landmark Supreme Court cases, and recent lower court cases that guide First Amendment jurisprudence.