On James Baldwin

Colm Tóibín

The Soiling of Old Glory

Louis P. Masur

Unlocking Learning

Edited by Justin McDevitt and Mneesha Gellman

Antisemitism and the Politics of History

Edited by Scott Ury and Guy Miron

You Had a Job for Life

Jamie Sayen

We’re Here to Help

Diane Dimond

The Myth of Progress

Tom Wessels

Beginning to End the Climate Crisis

Luisa Neubauer and Alexander Repenning

Jewish Identities in the American West

Edited by Ellen Eisenberg


Dan Pallotta

Pain and Shock in America

Jan Nisbet, With Contributions by Nancy R. Weiss

Women and Sports in the United States

Jaime Schultz, ed.; Jean O’Reilly, ed.; Susan K. Cahn, ed.