The Beauty of the Hebrew Letter

Pludwinski, The Beauty of the Hebrew Letter, Cover

Discover the artistry of the Hebrew aleph-bet with Izzy Pludwinski’s Latest Book!

Izzy Pludwinski‘s The Beauty of the Hebrew Letter is not just a book – it’s a complete visual chronicle of the Hebrew aleph-bet’s transformation from its earliest appearance in ancient inscriptions to its contemporary representations​.

Izzy Pludwinski, The Beauty of The Hebrew Letter, Ch.2

This book fills a noticeable gap in the field of calligraphy, a world where Latin, Chinese, and Arabic writing have been widely explored, but beautiful Hebrew writing remains relatively untouched. Expect to discover everything from polished, consistent letterforms to wildly abstract expressions of the alphabet, including three-dimensional carved examples and even street graffiti​.

“This is a treat for the eyes and mind.”

Publisher’s Weekly​


“This magnificent book is a complete joy, uplifting and energizing. It will be a classic.”

—Ewan Clayton, calligrapher

Izzy Pludwinski, The Beauty of The Hebrew Letter, p.

The Beauty of the Hebrew Letter is a gift that deserves to be given to all whom we love, and to all whom we wish to introduce to the breathtaking beauty of Hebrew script​.

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Izzy Pludwinski

Izzy Pludwinski 

Izzy Pludwinski is a Jerusalem based professional calligrapher, and Sofer STaM. He is the author of Mastering Hebrew Calligraphy (Toby Press), which was chosen as a finalist for the National Jewish Book Awards in 2014. His works have been included in international exhibitions in England, the US, and St. Petersburg, and he has had several one-man shows in Israel.

His works have been featured many times in the prestigious Letter Arts Review journal. Though firmly entrenched in the world of traditional Judaica, Izzy’s calligraphic passion lies in finding ever-new expressive forms for the Hebrew aleph-bet—a path that has led him to anywhere from font development to Zen-influenced abstract Hebrew calligraphy. He showcases examples both ancient and modern in this book: from scrolls to graffiti.