Charles F. Barker

Charles Barker is a geologist with an undergraduate degree in geology from Arizona State University, and a graduate degree in Geology from Boston University. He has been drawing and painting since childhood, and enjoys combining Geology and art in his books.

After graduating from Arizona State, he worked on the Geophysical Research Vessel SEAMARK mapping the seafloor offshore California. For his master’s thesis at Boston University, he studied the tidal hydraulics of the Scarboro River Inlet in Southern Maine (serendipitously, only steps from Winslow Homer’s studio, his favorite artist).

He now works at an environmental consulting firm in Detroit, investigating sites of soil and groundwater contamination, and air quality issues. He also teaches introductory geology at Wayne State University where he is part-time faculty in the Geology Department.

Under New England introduces the reader (approximately ages 7 to 12) to the formation of the rocks and fossils that lie beneath New England and explains...