Edna Aizenberg

Dr. Aizenberg began her academic career at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas, and was a founder of the U.C.V’s School of Modern Languages. She began teaching at Marymount Manhattan College in the mid-1970s until her retirement only a few years ago. A world-renowned scholar of Borges, her book The Aleph Weaver (1984), initiated the study of the Shoah, politics and “reality” in Borges’s work. The book’s Spanish translation, El tejedor del Aleph: biblia, kábala y judaísmo en Borges(1986) won the Fernando Jeno Prize (Mexico, 1997). Among her numerous publications and essays, Dr. Aizenberg was also a member of the editorial boards of Variaciones Borges and EIAL, and served as an evaluator and consultant for the Modern Language Association, MacArthur Foundation; National Endowment for the Humanities; the Foundation for Jewish Culture, and the Israel Science Foundation.

In this bold study, Edna Aizenberg offers a much-needed corrective to both Latin American literary scholarship and popular assumptions that the whole of...