Jenepher Lingelbach

Jenepher was born September 16, 1935 and grew up in Dover, Mass. She graduated from Milton Academy in 1953 and from Vassar College in 1957, having majored in German. Following a year in Germany and a year in England, where her first two children were born, the family moved to Milton Mass., where she had her second two children.

In 1972, the family moved to East Barnard. Jenepher commenced what would become a lifelong involvement with the Vermont Institute of Natural Science as volunteer, teacher, co-founder of the ELF program, interim director, and finally chair of the board. She was primary author of “Hands on Nature,” the book used to teach ELF. Continuing her passion for education, she later served as a trustee at the Sharon Academy.

Jenepher was happiest outdoors, sleeping summers in a tent, sitting beside her pond or favorite stream, binoculars around her neck. She loved travel, hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, skiing, sailing and skinny dipping. Her proudest possession was a canoe paddle she made when she was 12 years old, which she used into her late 70s. Of the many trips she took, two of her favorites were tracking bears in Minnesota and ocelots in Mexico.

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Jenepher Lingelbach