Maria Garro

Maria Garro is a psychologist, senior researcher in dynamic psychology, and instruc- tor of social psychology and forensic psychology in the Department of Psychology, Educational Science, and Human Movement at the University of Palermo (Italy). She is the author or coauthor of numerous books and articles on forensic psychol- ogy and prison, including “Immigrant Prisoners in Italy: Cultural Mediation to Reduce Social Isolation and Increase Migrant Prisoner Well-Being?”(2022, with M. Schirinzi, C. Novara, and E. Ayllon Alonso) in International Journal of Prisoner Health; “Reversing the Trend: A Psychosocial Intervention on Young Immigrants in Sicily” (2018, with M. Schirinzi) in Journal of International Migration and Integration; and “The ECHR Condemns Prison Overcrowding in Italy: The Total Reorganization of the Institution and the Social Reintegration of the Prisoner” (2017, with F. Cirami) in Journal of Prison Education and Reentry.

Countries around the world have disparate experiences with education in prison. For decades, the United States has been locked in a pattern of exceptionally...