Walter Hammerschick

Walter Hammerschick is a vice head and senior researcher at the Department of Applied Sociology of Law and Criminology (IRKS) of the University of Innsbruck, located in Vienna, Austria. He earned his doctorate in law from the University of Salzburg followed by postgraduate studies in Sociology at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, United States. Before fully dedicating his professional career to scientific work, he worked for the Austrian Association for Probation Assistance and Social Work. He joined the Institute for the Sociology of Law and Criminology in 1991 as a researcher and was its executive director from 2008 to 2021. Prison research is and has been one of his major fields of interest, including the labor market situation and reintegration of formerly incarcerated people. He has headed and participated in numerous national and European studies in this field, regularly speaking at conferences, giving lectures, and publishing.

Countries around the world have disparate experiences with education in prison. For decades, the United States has been locked in a pattern of exceptionally...