Birdwatching in Vermont

Ted Murin and Bryan Pfeiffer

Designed to appeal to expert and backyard birdwatchers alike, this comprehensive guide reveals where, when, and how to watch and enjoy birds in Vermont. It not only offers the latest information about the seasonal status and distribution of birds in Vermont but also features a thorough introduction to the art and practice of birdwatching, including optics, ethics, migration, and conservation. Packed into its pages is expert advice on rare species, Christmas bird counts, the Vermont landscape, helpful resources for the birdwatcher, and more. Written for people just starting out or accomplished regional birders, this is the essential companion to traditional birdwatching field guides. The heart of the book is the detailed descriptions and maps to more than 120 Vermont birdwatching areas, from the Champlain Lowlands to the summit of Mt. Mansfield. Drawing upon their extensive knowledge of the habits and habitats of Vermont birds, the authors have divided the state into ten regions, each with a rich diversity of birdwatching destinations. The guide also features informative accounts of the 296 bird species regularly seen in Vermont, including their preferred habitats and an innovative graph illustrating when each is most likely to be encountered. The authors, experienced naturalists and guides, have written the essential guide to discovering the joys of birding in Vermont.

Paper: $22.95
ISBN-13: 9781584651888
Pages: 208 | Size: 6 in. x 9 in.
Date Published: August 1, 2002

The authors, experienced naturalists and guides, have written the essential guide to discovering the joys of birding in Vermont.

About the Author

Bryan Pfeiffer

Bryan Pfeiffer is a naturalist, writer, photographer, and founder of a nature touring company, Vermont Bird Tours. His articles and essays on nature have appeared in the The New York Times, Field and Stream, and Vermont Life, among others. He is host of the award-winning radio show, “For the Birds.” Bryan lives in Plainfield, Vermont, where he wanders the woods and fields enjoying everything from birds to butterflies, frogs to ferns.

Ted Murin

Ted Murin is a native Vermonter and tireless birdwatcher who has spent years investigating and documenting the distribution and seasonal status of birds in Vermont. Whether climbing mountains, paddling rivers, or withstanding a gale off the shores of Lake Champlain, he is most content in the pursuit of a greater understanding and appreciation of nature. Ted lives in South Burlington, Vermont.

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