Boon Island

Including Contemporary Accounts of the Wreck of the *Nottingham Galley*

Kenneth Roberts

This classic tale of shipwreck and survival is reprinted in a new edition, with essays that provide a historical perspective and trace the sources from which Kenneth Roberts (1885-1957) drew his tale. A native Mainer, Roberts, whose historical novels include Northwest Passage and Arundel, was intrigued by the story of the December 1710 wreck of the Nottingham. After running aground a dozen miles offshore, the ship broke up, stranding her crew with minimal tools, scant shelter, and a few pieces of cheese. The men survived nearly a month of screeching gales, sub-freezing temperatures, and driving snowstorms. During their ordeal they resorted to cannibalism and were finally rescued after one of them made it ashore on a crude raft. Included here are contemporary accounts from crew members, offering dramatically different versions of the true-life traumatic event and a fascinating counterpoint to Roberts’ fictionalized version. A bestseller when published in 1956, Boon Island is a story of the ways that crisis can inspire the best–and worst–in human nature.

Paper: $19.95
ISBN-13: 9780874517446
Pages: 385 | Size: 5.5 in. x 8.5 in.
Date Published: March 1, 1995

“A tale for those who love high adventure, heroism, and the triumphant grandeur of the human soul.”

Baltimore Evening Sun


  • A tale for those who love high adventure, heroism, and the triumphant grandeur of the human soul.

    Baltimore Evening Sun
  • In the tradition of Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, and the Bounty trilogy . . . Once you've read this powerful story the barren rocky island will become part of your inner consciousness--you'll never forget it.

    Saturday Review
  • One of those experiences in reading which . . . can never be forgotten . . . Roberts has added a dimension of his own to the theme of men against the sea.

    New York Herald Review

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