New England Wildlife

Habitat, Natural History, and Distribution

Richard M. DeGraaf and Mariko Yamasaki

New England Wildlife presents the natural histories and distributions of 338 inland wildlife species in New England. It also details the habitat relationships of all New England terrestrial and aquatic species, presented in sections on amphibians and reptiles, birds, and mammals. Each species account includes an illustration and range map, along with information on distribution in the region, status, habitat, special habitat requirements, details of breeding biology, home range and movements, and food habits, each fully documented from the pertinent literature. The introduction includes a brief land-use history of the region, descriptions of forest types and nonforest habitats, and wildlife responses to landscape change. A necessity for all land managers and naturalists as well as birders, walkers, nature lovers, residents, and visitors to New England, the book includes the most recent information on natural history and distribution, and matrices relating all species to standard classifications of forest cover – types and nonforest habitats.

Paper: $39.95
ISBN-13: 9780874519570
Pages: 496 | Size: 8.5 in. x 11 in.
Date Published: November 1, 2000


  • New England Wildlife is a superb contribution to the natural history of this exciting region. Its life history accounts, habitat descriptions, and range maps will be a valuable reference for both avid naturalists and scientists.

    Lillian and Don Stokes
    authors of Stokes Field Guide to Birds and A Guide to Animal Tracking and Behavior
  • This latest contribution to understanding and appreciating the vertebrate wildlife of New England is every bit of what I have come to expect from Dr. DeGraaf and associates. It is complete, understandable, insightful, and easy to use-a real winner.

    Jack Ward Thomas
    Boone and Crockett Professor of Conservation; Chief Emeritus, U.S. Forest Service

About the Author

Richard M. Degraaf

Richard M. Degraaf is chief research wildlife biologist and leader of the wildlife habitat research unit, Northeastern Research Station, Amherst, Massachusetts. He has conducted research on breeding birds, small mammals, and amphibians in major forest cover types in New England and on wildlife habitat associations in the White Mountains for the past thirty years.

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