No Place But Here

A Teacher’s Vocation in a Rural Community

Garret Keizer

Weaving anecdotal narrative with trenchant reflections on his profession, Garret Keizer offers one teacher’s answer to the hue and cry over the crisis in education. An English teacher in rural Vermont, he writes of the opposing realities he faces every day: the promise and energy of the young and the oppressive effect of their economic disadvantages; the beauty of the countryside and its people and the harsh, sometimes ugly edge of life there; the need for discipline and the importance of rebellion. In exploring the demands peculiar to his own community, Keizer movingly depicts the difficulties-some triumphantly overcome, some overwhelming-that form the heart of teaching anywhere.

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ISBN-13: 9780874517903
Pages: 184 | Size: 5.5 in. x 8.5 in.
Date Published: October 1, 1996


  • What's fresh and even exhilarating about Keizer's book is its locale -an uncelebrated, backwater corner of New England-and his commitment to this place, to altering the lives of his students. On subjects ranging from student courtesy to teenage sex, Keizer opens up his classroom and his commitment with wry wit and rare zeal . . . A seasoned, razor-sharp testament to the complexity and fulfillment of a beleaguered yet essential vocation. Garret Keizer can do the truly remarkable, he can make a reader yearn to go back to high school.

    Smithsonian Magazine
  • A beautiful, sincere, and terribly important book about how a young teacher grew into his vocation and learned a great deal in the process. It’s also a book about values - intellectual, educational, and moral values - in an age that seems instinctively to distrust them . . . A rich, amusing, and deeply wise book that should challenge and inspire those who care about what happens in our schools.

    Jay Parini
    USA Today
  • A compelling mixture of autobiography, sketches of rural life, and social criticism from a tough-minded and compassionate high-school English teacher in northeastern Vermont . . . A refreshing combination of arrogance and humility that reveals the author as neither policy-maker nor theorist, but as a teacher and writer aware of contradictions, ever seeking fresh truths.

    Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

GARRET KEIZER lives in northeastern Vermont, where in addition to writing he serves as an Episcopal minister, a role he explored in A Dresser of Sycamore Trees (1991).

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