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Kick off this year’s Great Backyard Bird Count in style! There’s something about the cool sun, bare trees, and ghost of snowfall on the forest floor that draws the heart to nature and the eye to our flying, feathered friends. True birders know that the winter season brings with it a wealth of opportunity for birdwatching in the forest, on the coast, or nestled in a cozy chair beside your bedroom window.

From the Atlantic puffins of Maine to the Peregrine Falcons of the White Mountains and the Nuthatches of the Hudson Valley, our birdwatching guides will open your eyes to the abundance of bird species that call our region home. Grab your book, lace up your books, and get read to see some birds. Alfred Hitchcock eat your heart out!

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Birdwatching in Maine

This comprehensive guide reveals where, when, and how to watch and enjoy birds in New Hampshire. It not only offers the latest information about the seasonal status and distribution of New Hampshire birds, but also features a thorough introduction to the art of birdwatching. The heart of the book is the detailed descriptions and maps that outline more than 120 birding sites across the state, from the Connecticut River Valley to Cashes Ledge far of the coast.

Birdwatching in New Hampshire

With over 470 species of birds recorded, Maine’s wealth of undeveloped land and its extensive coastline, countless islands, and varied habitats combine to host an impressive diversity of birds at all times of year. Forthcoming from Brandeis University Press on March 28th, this updated edition features a new introduction and new sites. Derek Lovitch’s lavishly illustrated guide is the best available resource for finding birds in the largest of the New England states.


In New York City and On Long Island

Over 500 species of birds can be seen in New York City’s five boroughs and on Long Island, one of the most densely populated regions in North America. With precise directions to the best viewing locations within the region’s diverse habitats, this full-color guide is the go-to book for for both the region’s longtime birders and those exploring the area for the first time.

Birding the Hudson Valley

Kathryn J. Schneider’s engaging site guide provides encouragement for bird enthusiasts to expand their horizons. More than just a collection of bird-finding tips, this book explores Hudson Valley history, ecology, bird biology, and tourism. This beautifully illustrated book contains explicit directions to more than eighty locations, as well as useful species accounts and hints for finding the Valley’s most sought after birds.