Faculty of Color in the Health Professions

Stories of Survival and Success

Dena Hassouneh

This book provides the first in-depth examination of the experiences of a large sampling of faculty members of color in nursing, medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry schools across the United States. Anchoring her study in grounded theory, Dena Hassouneh draws on extraordinary interviews with one hundred diverse faculty members—together with rich contextual data—to illuminate the deeply entrenched cultural and institutional challenges to equity that they confront. She also presents practical strategies to overcome those challenges.

The book documents the ways in which faculty members of color are excluded from full participation in their laboratory or department; yet Hassouneh’s research shows that faculty of color can survive and even thrive. The interviews and data clearly reveal both the social, educational, and departmental contexts that determine satisfaction and success in recruitment and advancement and the impact that faculty of color have had on their students, peers, patients, schools, and communities.

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ISBN-13: 9781512601220
Pages: 304 | Size: 6 in. x 9 in.
Date Published: December 5, 2017


  • Dr. Hassouneh’s book compiles a wealth of valuable information about the firsthand experiences of faculty of color in the health professions rarely seen in print. It is essential reading for all health professions faculty in a time when we are confronted with the limitations of racial progress in America.

    Damon Tweedy, MD
    associate professor of psychiatry, Duke University School of Medicine, and author of Black Man in a White Coat: A Doctor’s Reflections on Race and Medicine
  • Dr. Hassouneh provides concrete strategies for shifting the climate to one of inclusivity and equity. This is a must-read for all health professions faculty, faculty mentors, and institutional leaders. It’s a work that will invite necessary conversations among faculty and students about race and equity.

    Christine A. Tanner
    professor emerita, Oregon Health and Science University
  • This is a timely and important book. Achieving equity for faculty of color in the health professions is an essential part of achieving excellence and equity for the whole health care system. Dr. Hassouneh is a scholar who brings critical analytical skills to this work to offer both insight and practical advice for faculty and academic leaders. This fact-based approach is needed now more than ever.

    George E. Thibault, MD
    President, Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation

About the Author

Dena Hassouneh

Dena Hassouneh is a professor of nursing at Oregon Health and Science University.

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