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Get inspired and creative in your kitchen design, check out In Julia’s Kitchen: Practical and Convivial Kitchen design Inspired by Julia Child for some unique tips on how to transform your kitchen and make it practical, efficient, and inspiring! 

The authors reveal which materials, layouts, and equipment Julia preferred and why, providing practical advice interspersed with Julia’s inimitable, wry humor. They bring Julia’s wisdom into the contemporary kitchen, exploring current trends, including modern green sensibilities, and varied styles of kitchens, featuring architectural designs by Heyne, Jacques Pepin’s kitchen, a renovation Julia Child consulted on for PBS’s This Old House, several celebrity home kitchens, and more.

To find out more about Julia Child, see this new documentary about her life Julia that was just released this November.

Read the story of Rock ‘n’ Roll underground Boston Radio station WBCN

Brilliantly told by Carter Alan—and featuring the voices of station insiders and the artists they loved—Radio Free Boston is the story of a city; of artistic freedom, of music and politics and identity; and of the cultural, technological, and financial forces that killed rock radio.

Watch the new PBS documentary “WBCN and the American Revolution” here.

Alan’s book traces WBCN’s unassuming birth from the ashes of a classical music station in 1968, through its heyday as the ‘Rock of Boston’ in the ‘70s and ‘80s, to its demise in 2009.  Alan interviewed most every personality involved and willing to speak on the record.”
Boston Globe

New Series: Brandeis Series in Law and Society

“If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.”
– Justice Louis D. Brandeis

Brandeis University Press and the Brandeis Legal Studies Department at Brandeis University are pleased to announce a new book series – the Brandeis Series in Law and Society. This series is edited by Rosalind Kabrhel J.D. and Daniel Breen, J.D. and will publish books that take an interdisciplinary approach to the law with a view to towards shedding light on the variety of ways in which legal rules and the institutions that enforce them affect our lives. The books are intended for practitioners, academics, students, and the interested general public. The first book to be published in this series is “Pain and Shock in America, Politics, Advocacy, and the Controversial Treatment of People with Disabilities” by Jan Nisbet on October 8th, 2021.

Horseshoe Crabs Heroes in the Fight Against Covid

William Sergent’s new article on WBUR sheds light on the importance and value of Horseshoe crabs in our fight against Covid-19.

If we were to lose all the lobsters, striped bass, or shrimp on the East Coast, it would be an environmental and gastronomic tragedy. But if the East Coast were to lose all its horseshoe crabs, it would be a major medical disaster.

In his new book, Crab Wars: A Tale of Horseshoe Crabs, Ecology, and Human Healthhe provides a timely look at the exploitation of a species that has helped with the development of countless drugs and is fast becoming endangered. This new edition brings the story up to date as companies race to manufacture alternatives to the horseshoe crab blood, which is now essential for testing vaccines such as those developed to counter COVID-19.

Brandeis Magazine on Brandeis University Press at 50!

Brandeis University Press is celebrating its 50th anniversary, a milestone that seemed in doubt only a few years ago, by publishing at an unprecedented clip, offering more than 20 new titles in its 2021 catalog.

“We’re really consolidating what we’ve achieved and are now looking to the future,” says press director Sue Ramin. “We want to publish excellent books that sell — and make an impact.”

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Brandeis University Press to exclusively manage the University Press of New England

Brandeis University has acquired and is now the sole owner of all titles and copyrights of the University Press of New England, under a deal finalized on Jan. 1 with Dartmouth College. Going forward, Brandeis University Press will oversee the UPNE list, excluding Dartmouth College Press titles.

“Brandeis University Press is pleased to begin representing these titles and working with their authors going forward. The titles we acquired will dovetail well with BUP’s current titles and our expertise. I am grateful to Dartmouth College for their excellent past stewardship and for working so cooperatively with us as we worked on this acquisition. UPNE has a wonderful deep backlist and we are thankful to the UPNE leadership, editors, and staff who created this excellent list of books. We hope to keep many of these titles in print and look forward to actively promoting and reissuing them,” —Sue Ramin, Director

Publishers of Critically Acclaimed, Award-Winning Books

Brandeis University Press publishes peer-reviewed, critically acclaimed, award-winning books for scholars, students and engaged readers.

Our books cover diverse subjects and perspectives relating to art, politics, culture, history, gender, religion, philosophy, language and literature. Our goal is to illuminate subjects of all stripes with intelligence, curiosity and care.

Publishers Weekly highlights Brandeis University Press

When the University Press of New England shuttered at the end of 2018, the region lost a unique publishing consortium with a diverse backlist that drew its collective strength from the specialization of its member presses. But UPNE’s backlist is not gone. Instead, it has been acquired by Brandeis University Press, which plans to use the titles to support its own expansion into some genres that have been underserved since UPNE’s closure.

“Brandeis University Press, through its publishing program, is an important part of our institutional mission.”

Lisa Lynch
Provost, Brandeis University (2014-2020)