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Each March we join together in celebration of the history and achievements of women around the globe. When in search of women’s stories, what better place is there to turn than to great books? Our authors are daring, thoughtful, and politically engaged. They jet-set across oceans and dive headfirst into archives to uplift the voices of women across borders. This month, we’re highlighting books that recognize the contributions of women yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

An intimate conversation with forty women across the world

Ellen Warner The Second Half Forty Women Reveal Life After Fifty

The Washington Post has published an in-depth review of Ellen Warner’s The Second Half: Forty Women Reveal Life After Fifty. This book is a collection of photographic portraits and interviews, depicting how the second half of life is experienced by women from many different cultures. From a French actress to a British novelist, from an Algerian nomad to a Saudi Arabian doctor, and an American politician, Ellen Warner traveled all over the world interviewing women about their lives.

“Reading Ellen Warner’s The Second Half: Forty Women Reveal Life After Fifty is like having one of those intimate conversations with each of 40 women from around the world as they share their formative experiences and advice for younger generations. Their insights are particularly valuable in a country where intergenerational learning is often lost…”
— Maria Leonard Olsen, The Washington Post

A groundbreaking collection of Black women’s literary and intellectual work.

Kristin Waters and Carol B Conway Black Women's Intellectual Traditions

In Kristin Waters’s and Carol B. Conaway’s landmark edited collection, Black Women’s Intellectual Traditions: Speaking Their Minds, sophisticated commentary on this rich body of work chronicles a powerful and interwoven legacy of activism based in social and political theories that helped shape the history of North America. The book meticulously reclaims this American legacy, providing a collection of critical analyses of the primary sources and their vital traditions. 

This anthology represents a new paradigm for understanding the historical and contemporary intellectual production of African American women.
— The Journal of African American History

Now available online and in your local store, Sculpting a Life: Chana Orloff Between Paris and Tel Aviv.

Paula J Birnbaum Sculpting a Life

Sculpting a Life is the first biography of sculptor Chana Orloff (1888—1968), and the first work to include stories from her unpublished memoir. Paula J. Birnbaum weaves a wide range of interviews and archival sources into a compelling narrative, exploring the artist’s early life in Ukraine, her family’s move to Palestine, her years in Paris during two World Wars and thereafter to time in Israel. Women artists like Orloff have been overlooked by history and excluded from the canon of modernism within art history. Sculpting a Life brings Orloff to the forefront, tells her story at long last, and shows her historical and artistic significance.

A truly vital monument to Chana Orloff’s extraordinarily fascinating place in our extended and fuller understanding of the art of the twentieth century and its creative communities.
— Griselda Pollock, Professor Emerita of Social and Critical Histories of Art, University of Leeds

Edited by Susan Weidmann Schneider and Yona Zeldis McDonough Frankly Feminist

Lilith magazine’s Jewish feminist fiction, collected for the first time.  

Short story collections focusing on Jewish writers have—no surprise—typically given women authors short shrift. This new volume represents the best Jewish feminist fiction published in Lilith magazine, and does what no other collection has done before in its geographic scope, its inclusion of 21st-century stories, and its Jewish feminist focus. Organized by theme, the stories in this book emphasize a breadth of content, and our hope is that in reading you’ll appreciate the liveliness of the burgeoning self-awareness brought to life in each tale, and the occasional funny, call-your-friend-and-tell-her-about-it moment. Skip around, encounter an author whose other work you may know, be enticed by a title, or an opening line. We hope you’ll find both pleasure and enlightenment—and sometimes revelation—within these pages.

Original, entertaining, thought-provoking — Midwest Book Reviews

When Freedom Speaks, your guide to the First Amendment

“Greenky’s easy-to-read primer offers general readers and students a telling history and framework for understanding the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodologies courts commonly use to negotiate clashing and competing constitutional values and individual rights to free speech.”—Library Journal

Brandeis Magazine on Brandeis University Press at 50!

Brandeis University Press is celebrating its 50th anniversary, a milestone that seemed in doubt only a few years ago, by publishing at an unprecedented clip, offering more than 20 new titles in its 2021 catalog.

“We’re really consolidating what we’ve achieved and are now looking to the future,” says press director Sue Ramin. “We want to publish excellent books that sell — and make an impact.”

Read more …

Brandeis University Press to exclusively manage the University Press of New England

Brandeis University has acquired and is now the sole owner of all titles and copyrights of the University Press of New England, under a deal finalized on Jan. 1 with Dartmouth College. Going forward, Brandeis University Press will oversee the UPNE list, excluding Dartmouth College Press titles.

“Brandeis University Press is pleased to begin representing these titles and working with their authors going forward. The titles we acquired will dovetail well with BUP’s current titles and our expertise. I am grateful to Dartmouth College for their excellent past stewardship and for working so cooperatively with us as we worked on this acquisition. UPNE has a wonderful deep backlist and we are thankful to the UPNE leadership, editors, and staff who created this excellent list of books. We hope to keep many of these titles in print and look forward to actively promoting and reissuing them,” —Sue Ramin, Director

Publishers of Critically Acclaimed, Award-Winning Books

Brandeis University Press publishes peer-reviewed, critically acclaimed, award-winning books for scholars, students and engaged readers.

Our books cover diverse subjects and perspectives relating to art, politics, culture, history, gender, religion, philosophy, language and literature. Our goal is to illuminate subjects of all stripes with intelligence, curiosity and care.

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Publishers Weekly highlights Brandeis University Press

When the University Press of New England shuttered at the end of 2018, the region lost a unique publishing consortium with a diverse backlist that drew its collective strength from the specialization of its member presses. But UPNE’s backlist is not gone. Instead, it has been acquired by Brandeis University Press, which plans to use the titles to support its own expansion into some genres that have been underserved since UPNE’s closure.

“Brandeis University Press, through its publishing program, is an important part of our institutional mission.”

Lisa Lynch
Provost, Brandeis University (2014-2020)

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