The Hidden Curriculum in Health Professional Education

Frederic W. Hafferty, ed.; Joseph F. O’Donnell, ed.; DeWitt C. Baldwin Jr., MD, fwd.

The hidden curriculum (HC) in health professional education comprises the organizational and institutional contexts and cultural subtexts that shape how and what students learn outside the formal and intended curriculum. HC includes informal social processes such as role modeling, informal conversations and interactions among faculty and students, and more subterranean forces of organizational life such as the structure of power and privilege and the architectural layout of work environments. For better and sometimes for worse, HC functions as a powerful vehicle for learning and requires serious attention from health professions educators.

This volume, of interest to medical and health professionals, educators, and students, brings together twenty-two new essays by experts in various aspects of HC. An introduction and conclusion by the editors contextualizes the essays in the broader history and literature of the field.

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Date Published: January 6, 2015

About the Author

Dewitt C. Baldwin

Dr. DeWitt C. “Bud” Baldwin, Jr., a pediatrician, psychiatrist, family physician, researcher, and educator, pioneered medical and health science interprofessional education and practice in the U.S. His seminal contributions to, and unfaltering belief in, interdisciplinary communication and collaboration serve as the cornerstone for new models of team-based health care.

Joseph F. O’Donnell

Joseph F. O’Donnell is emeritus professor of medicine at Dartmouth College.

Frederic W. Hafferty

Frederic W. Hafferty is professor of medical education and associate director of the Program for Professionalism; Ethics at the Mayo Clinic. He received his undergraduate degree in social relations from Harvard in 1969 and his PhD in medical sociology from Yale in 1976. He has published widely on issues of medical education, professionalism, medical socialization and professional formation, and the hidden curricula of health professional education.

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