CASE 4.2A Tufts Medicine Health Care System: Merging Hospitals in a New Model (A)

In The Heller Social Impact Case Collection

Maher Tabba and Jon Chilingerian

This case builds on the Tufts Medicine Health Care System (A) case by exploring the barriers and challenges Tufts Medicine faced aligning operations and stakeholders. It discusses the challenges the leaders experienced bringing together an academic medical center with a community hospital system while meeting its goals of maintaining its competitive position while providing high quality care. A discussion of this case will enable instructors to explore the challenges and opportunities of health care mergers in depth.

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Date Published: April 15, 2024

About the Author

Maher Tabba

Maher Tabba is a professor of medicine and surgery at the Medical School and the University College at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the director of interventional pulmonology at Tufts Medical Center and chief of critical care medicine at the Melrose-Wakefield Health Care System in Melrose, Massachusetts. He completed an executive MBA degree at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. He has served as associate curriculum dean at the University of Missouri in Columbia, …

Jon Chilingerian

Jon A. Chilingerian is a professor of health care management at Brandeis University and an adjunct professor of family and community medicine at Tufts School of Medicine. His subject matter expertise is in the management of health care organizations, strategic thinking, leadership and team development, performance measurement, and organizational change. He brings an alternative perspective to the much-studied subjects of leadership, hospital management, crisis management, strategy, and the …

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