CASE 7.2 The Unit-Based Team Meeting

In The Heller Social Impact Case Collection

Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld

This simulation puts studens in front-line health care roles navigating typical issues faced in a team-based work system. The facilitator role illustrates the imporance of facilitation (even with a student new to the role). Confidential role information for the five roles brings students to the meeting with both common and competing interests. This is an excellent case for illustrating the front-line dynamics in a high performance worksystem, as well as the value of employee voice.

The Heller Social Impact Case Collection is available for purchase here. Instructors may request the Teaching Notes for the book.

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Date Published: April 15, 2024

About the Author

Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, editor, is professor and Florence G. Heller Chair in the Heller School for Social Policy and Management. Joel is the award-winning author of a dozen books and over 100 articles and book chapters on large-scale systems change, stakeholder alignment, high-performance work systems, labor-management partnership, new technology, negotiations, and conflict resolution. He has facilitated change initiatives at enterprise, industry, or national levels in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Denmark, England, Iceland, Jamaica, Panama, South Africa, and the United States. Joel holds a BS in industrial and labor relations from Cornell University and a PhD from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

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